Friday, August 13, 2004

Last last last chance

"Aiya, don't worry lar, sure got chance one!"
"Never mind one, tomorrow still can lar"

Only in Malaysia we get a last, last, last chance. Look at Malaysian Idol. Top 30 became Top 33. Extra 3 were selected from the 'rejects'. Then last 11 became last 12. 1 more were selected from the wildcards. Last chance mah.

Then Akademi Fantasia 2. Best 5 students became best 6 students. Aiya give last chance lar.

If everything also last, last chance, when do we ever learn? Look at MyKad. Next year only expires, still long to go. When expired, people will say, don't worry, sure extend some more.

Look at the NS. 4269 NS dodgers. And this was after numerous of last chance given to them again and again and again and again....

The list goes on and on...Traffic summons, TouchnGo on all highways, the 'drawers' and the warning sign behind the truck, .........

Malaysian has this Tidak Apa attitude. Tidak apa, ada chance lagi. Sure extend punyalah. Why can't they stick to the original deadline? Why can't they stick to the original quota? Just have one realistic deadline and stick to it. If they missed it, so be it, whack them.