Wednesday, August 04, 2004


One fine day...

Relative : Eh? You know ah?

Mami : What?

Relative : When a baby is having fever, actually his brain is developing.

Mami : Huh?

Relative : Ya. When the brain developing, all the activities developed heat. So the extra heat, cause fever lor.

Mami : Sure or not?

Relative : Sure one..I tell you lar...blah blah blah...

At home ...

Mami : Eh Papi, today Relative told me hor, if a baby is having fever, it is actually his brain is developing.

Papi : WTF? Who said?

Mami : I don't know. She said with all the heat generated by the brain development, the baby got fever lor..

Papi : Where got such thing one. I ask you ah....if what she said is true, why do we try to bring down the baby's temperature when the baby is having a fever?

Mami : Err....

Papi : Then might as well, let the baby alone, let his brain 'developed' as much as it can. And when the temperature is too high, the brain get fried, and the baby will go coo-coo.

Mami : Yalor hor....

It is very important to take note when a baby is having fever. When the temperature got too high, it can caused damage to the brain. A fever can come and go in a matter of minutes. A nephew of mine, one minute he was running around, playing with some kids, the next minute he was having seizure with a fever as high as 42 degree celcius.

Some info here and here on fever for babies.