Monday, August 02, 2004

Advertisement Baby

Yiyi loves to watch advertisements on TV. Everytime any advertisement came on TV, she will basically throws everything down, and then rush to the front of TV in her walker. And then she is in a world of her own, completely glued to the TV. Sometime, if an ads tickle her, she would jump up and down in her walker, laughing.

She seems to know when the ads will come on. When the normal programme resumes after the ads, she will go back to her normal business, 'flying' around in her walker, trying to grab anything she can from the coffee table.

No matter how you call her, or block her view, touch her, her eyes will stay focus on the TV. Try to block her view, and she will scream at you in her baby language.

So yesterday, we did something.

We put her rubber ducky balanced on her head. She was so captivated with the ads on TV, that she didn't care what we did and she didn't moved an inch or else the rubber duck would have fall off. he he he... All of us was laughing , and she still had her eyes glued on the TV with a ducky on her head.

Her favourite ads: Kampung Boy ads on Astro, ads with babies on it and Astro Wah Lai Toi theme song (the one with a red silhouette dancing).