Wednesday, July 28, 2004

School Magazine

I was cleaning up my room (ex-room to be precised) when I stumbled upon my high school's magazine.  I spent my 2 years of Form 6 here in this school, but I only have one magazine. 

As you all know, the (Malaysian) school magazine, published yearly, normally consists of several sections.  One section with all the photoshots of the activities of the school for the entire year, accompanied with funny and wacky remarks added by the editors.  Another section contains the works of fellow students like essays, poems and cartoons drawn by students. 

But my favourite section is the last section, the society photo and the class group photo.  So first thing I did was to flip to these pages.  Ahh...all the wonderful memories in school came back to me as if it was just yesterday. 

The chess club photo with all the geeky students standing there straight, neat and tidy.  The taekwando club with all the 'kung fu masters' hand crossed on their chest, staring fiercely like want to eat you like that.  And the Gymrama Club with all the chicks standing there cute and nice.....(Mami : Ehem...!). 

Then I flipped to the group photo of my class, almost at the end of the magazine.  There's CCY, there's Sam, WHow, A-Seh, but where was I?

I couldn't believe my eyes.  I scanned the picture again.  Is it possible that I could not recognise myself?  Maybe I was hidden by my x-classmate.  Maybe I was sitting at the end of the first row.  Maybe the last row?  No, I was not in the picture! WTH?

I only spent 2 years in this wonderful school, and I only have one copy of the school magazine and I was not in my class photo! Not to mention I paid around RM10 for this lousy magazine!  (Ya, lousy because I was not in it).