Friday, July 23, 2004

Murder Attempt

Read this in The Star Online about an attempt on an assemblyman's life.

State assemblyman for Skudai Teo Kok Chee escaped death when he managed to prevent a gunman from pulling the trigger on him in an attempted assassination at a crowded restaurant. 
Teo, who is also Johor Gerakan chief, was with some party members for dinner last night when the gunman walked in, tapped him on his shoulder and pointed a gun at his chest. 

A scuffle ensued. He fell and ran for cover behind a car while the gunman also took off. 
Narrating the incident, Johor Baru North OCPD Senior Asst Comm Wan Ali Abu Shahmah said Teo had gone to a restaurant at Taman Ungku Tun Aminah with 11 state Gerakan committee members and supporters after a meeting at around 9.30pm yesterday. 
Twenty minutes later, he said the gunman walked in from behind wearing a full-face helmet and tapped Teo on his shoulder and said: 
“You come with me” in Mandarin. 
As Teo turned he saw a gun pointed at his chest and he tried to grab it while trying to pull out his own gun from his pocket
A scuffle ensued and the gunman pushed Teo causing him to fall.   [snipped....]

This assemblyman was carrying hiw own gun in his pocket when he was having dinner with other Gerakan members?!  Is he authorised to carry a gun?  Is it licensed?  Why carry a gun? Body got shit?

Whoa! It could have been pretty messy if he managed to use his gun.