Thursday, July 22, 2004

King of Fruit

Promised Mami that I would get some durian for her.  So last night we drove to a nearby durian stall.  There were about 5-6 stalls set up there, all with their "satu longgok (a pile or a basket of about 3-4 durians) RM10" and "RM1 satu kilo".  But I am not interested at all these.  I went to the last stall, which has a big white board listing the type of durians they have.  D2, D24 (HOLO)??, 101 blah blah...

I would rather pay more for good durians rather than gamble with the longgok.  I was looking for D24.  But D24 HOLO?? WTH?

Papi : Boss, got D24?

Seller : Yes.  D24 Lou Shi (Cantonese meaning old trees)

Papi : Hah? Good ah? How much?

Seller : Good! RM9 per kilo.  Want to try the "tek kar"? (Hokkien for bamboo leg?)

Papi : "Ter Kar"? (Hokkien for pig leg)

Seller : Very nice, RM12 per kilo. 

An aunty nearby nodded in agreement : It's true.  Very good. 
She came with a big tupperware and bought a few fruits.  Another seller was prying the durian and emptying it into the tupperware.

Papi : OK lar, one D24, one "Ter Kar", I mean Tek Kar.

Mami : *saliva come out*

So they pry the durian open a bit so that we can examined it, and also easier for us to pry open when we got home.  It came to RM45 for 2 durians.   Before we left, the boss said "Eat the D24 first, then only eat the "tek kar" ".  Is it really that good?

The one on the left is D24, the right is "tek kar". 

Nowadays, there are so many types out there.  D2, D24, tek kar, XO, golden pillow .... I heard there is a type Benom Beauty that will set you back RM200 per fruit.  Wah Lau!! But it has a certain 'power', that make you "up all night", if you know what I mean *wink wink*.  So now, instead of power root, people will go for power fruit!

The D24 Old Tree was sweet and nice, as always.  Although the seed is medium size, but the flesh was thick and creamy.  4 and a half star, baby!!

The "tek kar' was damn good! Sweet, creamy, the flesh was damn thick and dry.  It was so thick that, when you lift it, your fngers will just sink into it's flesh.  And it has this creamy, milky taste.  Heavenly! 5 out of 5. 

So , is it worth the RM45? Every sen of it.

Mami : Let's go back tonite..