Monday, July 19, 2004

What's wrong with these people?

On Saturday I was reading the newspaper, when I was drawn to two interesting news. 
The ten cars piled up in Sungai Buloh, and the buaya in KL.  No, no, not Hanif Basree.  The 4 crocodiles they spotted in the Klang river. 
And both stories were accompanied by a photo. 

This was on Page 3.   I couldn't get the other photo on page 4. 
If you look closely (and if you remember the photo on page 4), you can see some kay-poh-chees crowding the road just to get a glimpse of what had happen.  In the accident photo, we can see these people standing on the middle of the road.  No, they are not there to help, but just hanging around.  Maybe they are waiting for the ambulance to come so that they can get it's plate number.  Their motorbike were parked near the divider in the middle of the road.  No wonder it was so bloody jam on Friday!
Examining the picture, the parked motocycle almost covered the whole road, forcing cars from the other direction to only a single road.  To make matter worst, the left side of the road is flooded too.  With so many people and motorbikes crowding that place, I am sure cars will be forced to slow down. 
On the other page 4 photo, it was the same story.  Kay-poh-chees on motorcycle stopped by the the road side to check out what was happening.  There were 3-4 parked motorcycle in the photo, with a mat moron motor who just got down from his bike.  In the background, people already slowing down their vehicles to look.  
Now I know why I was stuck in the jam for 3 hours..