Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Mami and I went to lunch at a restaurant (kopitiam) near our office. It has one of the best Cantonese fried I have ever tasted (but that's another blog). So we were enjoying our meal when suddenly the sky turned dark. Then it rained cats and dogs. So we just hangout at the restaurant, waiting for the rain to stop, before going back to the office. But it just kept on raining.

So we decided to borrow an umbrella from one of the restaurant staff, so I could get to my car and fetch Mami near the restaurant. I got to our car, got our umbrella ready, then drove to the restaurant. At the restaurant, we returned the umbrella and we were ready to go.

But there was a car in front blocking the narrow road, trying to fetch a few friends from the restaurant. No problem, so we would just need to wait for a while for them to get in. So the driver was in the car, three of his friend were in the restaurant, a guy and 2 girls.

At that time, it was only drizzling. So one of the girl just ran to the car, and quickly got into the car. Then the guy walk slowly, and I mean very very slowly, to the car, got an umbrella out and walk back to the other girl. Then both of them walk very very slowly towards the car, under the umbrella. And they know very well there were cars waiting behind them.

Once they reached the car, the girl couldn't decide which side she wanted to sit. They went to the right rear door, open it and then chatted a while , then closed the door. Then they proceeded to the left rear door, open it and then the bitch girl decided again, she didn't want to sit there, and closed the door. Next they proceed to the front passenger door, where finally the girl got in. And all these in super-slow motion.

Then the guy's turn. As if he was under the spell of the witch, he too couldn't decide where he want to sit. He went to the left rear door, think for a while, and then went to the right rear door. And he stood there doing nothing. For a second, I was thinking that this guy was not going to get on the car. Maybe he came by himself. Suddenly he snapped out of it, and open the door. I was furious. WTH was he doing? Can't he see all the cars waiting for them to move. He must have been in a dreamy state after he managed to spy on the girl's boobs while he was accompanying the girl to the car under the umbrella.

I give them a honk. The guy got into the car quickly. The car started to move. OK, let's go....but no, the car was moving like a turtle. And then the driver stopped the car. WTF?! I honked them again, and suddenly the car sped off like an F1 car. What was that all about??! What a bunch of moron!