Wednesday, July 07, 2004

4D - part 2

4D is basically my mom's hobby. No, she is not the kaki-judi type, who goes for 100 big 100 small. She likes to study it. Do her own analysis.

I remember when I was a kid, she used to keep 4D result newspaper clipping. In the old days, there were only 2 draws a week, Saturday and Sunday. And there were only 4D Magnum. No kuda, no TOTO. So every week, she would keep all this newspaper sheet (Page 2 on the chinese newspaper). Then cut it out about 10 cm by 10 cm and keep it together with a big clip. She will clipped them according to years. And every now and then she would take out this clippings and study it. Together with her chinese almanac book, about 10 cm thick, she would cross reference the numbers with her book. So sometime we would hear her conversation with my father that goes something like this:

Mom : Aiya, the pregnant lady come first prize lah.

Dad : Really ah? Aiya, that day got a pregnant lady came to our house mah. Why you never buy?

Mom : Yalor, I didn't thought of it lor. The pregnant lady with the (unborn) baby are two persons. Then add 2 lor.

Dad : Aiya, miss already.

Mom : If buy 3 big 2 small, can get few thousand already.

Kids : *pengsan*

The amazing thing is that she studied and remembers these numbers. She can tell you whether a number was a first prize number, second prize or third prize. And she can tell you what the numbers represent.

But now, she no longer keeps those clippings. There are 3 draws every week, and 3 legal 4D outlet available, Magnum, kuda and toto. So keeping track of all three will be difficult. And her almanac book was gone also. Nevertheless, she still is fascinated with those numbers.