Friday, July 02, 2004

Ghost Story

Everyone has got at least one ghost story to tell. It could be an experience by a friend, your family, your neighbour, even your own self. Some are too afraid to share their experience. Some just keep quiet. While some just move on.

I going to share a true story with you that happened to my father back in the 60s.

My father used to stay in Jalan Ampang with his family (my grandfather and my 2 uncles). They rented a house next to the an open space parking lot which is now occupied by KLCC. Well, not exactly a house but it was a big, single storey hostel-like building with lots of room with a shared kitchen and washrooms. So his family occupied the main portion of the house, with a living room, and 4 bedrooms. While the other tenants occupied the rest of the rooms (around 3-4 rooms).

Life was difficult and they had just started out a business which was picking up slowly. A rental services business, you know, canopies, tables, chairs for functions. They had a small lorry for the business, so when there was no business, they did odd-jobs. Like renting the lorry for house moving, sending stuff to remote areas, getting rid of rubbish, or they will just drove the lorry around to see whether they can pickup some useful garbage (things that can still be used with a minor repair, or a quick wash).

And one day, they found something near a hospital. A dirty dark-green folded bed was thrown out near the hospital dumpster. It has only a very thick cloth (dark-green) to sleep on.

It was still usable, except that it was a bit dirty and stained. So they picked it up, brought it back, washed it and put it behind the house under a big tree for afternoon nap. But no matter how they washed it, the stained (about 2 feet by 2 feet) would not go away. The stained was a bit dark red in color, almost black (combined with the dark green color of the bed). It was as if someone was bleeding profusely on the bed, and because it was so bad that it actually dyed the bed red, thus the stain. But later we found out that this was not the only reason why the hospital throw it away.

The first few days was ok. Then it happened.

Everyone who slept on it often experienced something weird. It was like someone was shaking the bed while you are sleeping. You woke up only to find no one around you. My father tried it before. He said, sometime it was shaking so hard, that it almost make you fall off the bed. But that was not all. He said in a few occasion, he even experienced someone slapping his back through the thick cloth while he was sleeping on the bed. And there was one time where he slept on the bed, and ended up on the floor next to the bed when he woke up.

At that time, they were not afraid, so they continue using the bed. But after a while, they decided to get rid of the bed. So finally they burnt it.

My father said he believed that someone could have died on that bed, and somehow his ghost was haunting that bed. Spooky...

(to be continued....)