Monday, June 28, 2004

At the counter...

Today, during lunch time, we went for a quick shopping of basic necessities...

Papi & Mami : *shopping shopping*

Papi : OK? We got everything?

Mami : OK. Let's go.

At the payment counter..

Papi : *Read the temporary signage put up at each payment counter - "Please be informed that our credit card system is currently down. Thank you." * Eh? Mami, cannot use credit card leh.

Mami : Huh? Wait let me check whether we got enough cash...

Papi : I got some cash with me also.

Mami : OK, should be enough. Let's go.

Cashier : Er? Card or cash?

Papi & Mami : *Look at each other*

Mami : Card can ah?

Cashier : Cannot, system down.

Mami : Then why you say card?

Cashier : err.....

Mami : Cash lor.

Papi : *grin*