Monday, June 28, 2004

Body Language

You know, as a baby, it can be quite difficult to comunicate with your Papi and Mami. We have to know what she wants, what she needs, whether she is feeling comfortable or whether she is feeling uneasy.

yiyi has a few body language that we understand. It basically tell us what she is doing, or what she wants. Here's a few (we are still learning from her):

Rubbing eyes, causing the area around her eyelash slightly red
She is feeling tired and sleepy. Normally accompany by yawning. She will become restless, moves a lot when you carry her. Need to sleep.

Making 'mmmm' sound, make mouth into small shape
She is 'pee-pee'ing. No worry, the diapers will take care of it.

Making 'mmmm' sound, pull mouth and lips back, as if smiling, with mouth closed and cheek up.
She is 'poo-poo'ing. Get Mami, she will take care of it...he he he...

Kicking both of her feet very very fast, and moving her hands up and down to sync with her feet.
She is feeling happy, and wants to play with you. Carry her. She will laugh and melt your heart.

Lean towards you, with arm wide open
She wants you to lift her up and carry her. Carry her and she will lauigh and melt your heart.

Blinking her eyes rapidly as if to avoid something (like strong wind blowing into her face)
She is scared of something around her. Like the portable fan that her uncle bought for her. She will blink her eyes whenever she hear the sound of the portable fan, although the small fan is 10 metres away.