Thursday, July 01, 2004

Kirsten Dunst

Was reading ESPN Page 3 on the net about the 10 Burning Questions they asked Kirsten Dunst.

I extracted some of them here:

ESPN : You've said previously that they should just kill Mary Jane off in a future Spidey film ...

Kirsten Dunst : I don't think they should kill Mary Jane off. That would be typical if they killed the girl at the end. I think they should kill Spider-Man at the end of the third film. It would be a surprise -- a superhero defeated.

Papi : No, maybe they should kill M.J. after all. Maybe they should replace her with some hottie like Kristin Kreuk.

ESPN : What about that rather revealing dress you wear in "Spider-Man 2"?

Kirsten Dunst : I have to do a little bit of that. I have to make the 14-year-old boys happy. Whatever sells tickets, guys.

Papi : Eh? Mami, let's go watch Spiderman 2?

ESPN : What was it like to be held by the villainous Doc Ock's (Alfred Molina) tentacles in the movie?

Kirsten Dunst : God, that's a naughty question. I actually was never really in them. I got grabbed by one once but the harnesses were really on me, not the tentacles. I just don't know the experience. I guess they made me scream a lot (laughs).