Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Yea, yea, yea. Traffic in Malaysia. Everyone seems to have something to say about it.

Yesterday, Papi and Mami were driving home to 3K land. U see, in 3K land, they have installed traffic light 'looks-intelligent-but-stupid' system. Actually it was only a dumb timer counter that shows you the remaining 'green time' you have, and it basically tells to floor your accelerator when you are 100 metres away and the timer is showing 5 secs.

But since 3K's resident are all 'intelligent people', just like the traffic light system(ok, not all but most), they soon found new ways to utilise this traffic light system. U see, in one of the main junction, 3 lanes are meant to go forward while the 4th lane, the left most lane is for vehicles to turn left. It is one of the busiest junction, and when it's congested, it becomes one of the world's biggest gathering of people that cursed at the same time.

OK, so we were queuing on the 3rd lane to go forward, waiting for the traffic light to go green. Before the light went green, when the timer was showing about 3 secs before the light would turn green, I saw 4-5 cars behind the queue (same lane as mine) actually came out from the queue, and raced along the 4th lane. And it was all about perfect timing. The light turned to green, and the queue started to move. And these 'vultures' eyeing gaps between cars, swooped in to join back the queue. WTF? Some lagi 'terror'. They went as far as they can on the 4th lane, and just before the turning to the left, they swooped in, causing the car at the back to jam brake. And they did this in super highspeed. The sad thing is some of these cars were driven by people with load of children in their car.

So 3K people are really into information technology. They sense information all around them and put them to 'good' use. Just like the traffic timer. It gives them information to achieve their feat, so that they can reach home 2-3 minutes earlier than other people. Bravo!!