Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Was reading regarding the story that his mom told him when he was young that made him stained his pants. Yeah, we all got those kind of stories to scare the daylight out of us. Either from our mom, our dad, relatives, even the bald uncle next door.

Finish off all the food on your plate.
Yup. It was Mami who warned me about this. It is believed that if you do not cleanup your food, leaving bits and pieces on the plate, your spouse's/future spouse's face will be full of pimple.
Mami : Bopeng ah...
Papi : True ah?
Mami : Look at my cousin's wife lar
Papi : Oh, ya lor, better believe... *jilat plate*

Do not shine lights on tree tops at night.
I got to know this from my childhood friends. We were attending some orientation week in school, where we will stayed overnight at school. So one night, we were hanging out, chatting and playing with some powerful torchlights. So I shone it towards the treetop as it was cool. Sort of like a light saber. Then out of nowhere, a friend came rushing towards me, grabbed my torchlight, and switched it off. WTF? I was standing there staring at him. He was freaking out. "Don't do that" he shouted. I asked him why? He just kept quiet and walked away. Later I found out that, by doing that, you will actually shone on a Pontianak* and disturbed her from her sleep. And you don't want to do that, do you?

Do not speak of tigers while you are in the jungle.
Bukit Celaka Cherakah was not open for public yet at that time, but we decided to check it out. So we rode our cool BMX and soon we found ourselves in the middle of a jungle. Well not exactly a jungle, but very bushy and lots of trees. No roads though. We heard there was a nice water fall, so decided to have a good swim. While walking and trekking, we talked about stuff, and soon we talked about tigers. And a friend of mine (and yes, the same friend who grabbed my torchlight) was unusually quiet when we talked about tigers. Then he 'bueh tahan'*. He scolded us, and asked us to stop talking about that animal. Believe it or not, he didn't dare to mentioned the word 'tiger'. But we ignored him and continued to pull his legs. It is believed that if you mentioned the word 'tiger' in a jungle, it's like you are calling the tiger, and the tiger will come after you. But, come on lar, tiger in Bukit Cherakah, Shah Alam?? Kucing miang adalah.* And the great water fall turned out to be a stinking longkang*. sigh..

Do not sharpen your pencil on both ends.
It is believed that if you sharpen your pencil on both ends, something bad will happen to your parent. But this one makes sense. It is to scare little ones so that they don't do this. Coz it is dangerous to have a sharp pointed pencil on both ends especially when you are writing. Who knows. Raja, the school bully sitting behind the classroom, might decide to come over your desk, and give you a good smack behind your head, while you are writing. This will send your head towards the sharp pointed pencil and poked your eye out of it's socket, like a olive on a toothpick.

Do not point your finger to rainbows or the moon.
This one I don't get it. If I point my finger to a rainbow or to the moon, then my ear will rot and drop off? In some version, it is the nose that will rot and drop off. But why??

Do not go out at night when they are building a bridge nearby.
When I was a kid, my parent used to tell me this. They say "Don't go out at night. They are building a bridge behind our house". "Why?" I asked. "They will kidnap you and chop your head off. And then they will bury your head under the bridge, so that the bridge will become strong and firm.". That was enough to send chill down my spine.

Do not use more than one plate when having your meal.
Again Mami told me this. If you eat using more than one plate, then you will have more than one wife. hhmmmm......

Mami : Eh, Papi, I cannot finish lar...

Papi : Ok, pass me your plate. I'll finish it.

Mami : *Pass the plate to Papi*

Papi : So now I am using more than one plate. So don't blame me if later I got two wives ah....

Mami : Haip!! *throw fork at Papi*

Hmmm...I wonder, how about at buffet?

Pontianak - A malay version of female vampires
bueh tahan - A mixed Hokkien/Malay meaning cannot stand of something, or cannot endure.
Kucing miang - horny cat
longkang - Malay for drain