Saturday, July 03, 2004


Today yiyi had her routine checkup. We woke up early morning, and prepare her for the checkup. Cleaned her up, changed her cloths, diapers, fed her. Around 9.30am, we drove to the paediatrician's clinic about 10 minutes away from our home.

yiyi was a bit 'talkative' today. She was making a lot of noise, baby language we say, even shouting. And since it was quite quiet in the clinic, her voice was booming!

We went in after waited for a short while, as it was less patient in the morning. So the doctor did his routine checkup. Stomach, head, breathing. Check her response, her motor response, took her height, weight and the size of her head. We were a bit concern about the temperature of her head. It always felt hot behind her head. But the doc assures us that she is not having a fever, so nothing to worry about. yiyi's cousin was having the same symptom, hot behind the head, but his paediatrician said it was because he was using his brain (??). I am not sure about this, but as long as she is healthy, i am not worry.

This was the fifth visits to the doc, and this is the first time yiyi cried when handled by the doctor. I guessed she began to recognise people. But the doc looked a bit blur sotong, red eyed. Rough night, doc??

We were done 10 minutes later. We paid, and the nurse gave us samples of cereal and milk powder (6-7 packs). We then decided to pop in to the mamak restaurant next door. Well, we have been to this restaurant twice, and it wasn't a good experience. The food was bad, the service was bad, and still they charged as if it was first class, cheh!! But because it was convenient, so we decided 'what the heck', just give it a go.

And that will be the last time we will eat there. (Mami : Heh? last time u also said like that...). The roti was bad, the kuah was bad, we waited almost 20 minutes for the roti, and there were only 5-6 patrons, some already having their meal. WTH?

We went to my parent house, as Mami is working today, OT. So I am baby sitting yiyi at my parent house. yiyi's taking her nap now, so I guess I will take mine as well.........