Tuesday, July 06, 2004


No, not the fourth dimension. 4 digits. Empat Nombor Ekor. To some, it brings happiness, hope and optimism. Others it is sadness, sorrow and despair.

My mother, she is a walking 4D dictionary. Mention any strange happenings, animals, objects and she will decipher for you. One day I saw 2 snakes doing the lambada.

Papi : I saw some snakes today.

Papi's Mom : 506. How many snakes?

Papi : 3.

Papi's Mom : 3506 lor.

She can actually remember the numbers that are associated with animals, any happenings or event.

Papi : I had a nightmare last night.

Papi's Mom : What was it about?

Papi : I dreamt of a vampire jumping out of a coffin (yes, the Mr. Vampire kind, not the Van Helsing kind) and chased after me.

Papi's Mom : Is the lid of the coffin covered or not?

Papi : Huh? eh....Covered.

Papi's Mom : Covered ah? 123 lor.

Papi : Eh...Maybe the lid was not covered.

Papi's Mom : If not covered ah, ...*think think think* then 456 lor.

Papi : The coffin lid covered or not, also got different ah?

Papi's Mom : Yalar.

Papi : What to add ah? (to add a number to make up for 4 numbers)

Papi's Mom : Add 1 lor, so 1456 or 1123.

Papi : Why add 1?

Papi's Mom : The vampire standing straight mah. Looks like 1 lor, some more 1 vampire mah.

Papi : *pengsan*

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