Monday, July 05, 2004

Work, work, work

There are 3 types of people in the working environment.

The first type. People who completes their work fast. Once they were assigned a job, or has a task to complete, they will dive straight into doing it and complete the job as soon as possible.

The second type. People who sits on their tasks. They will take their own sweet time, no urgency whatsoever, and will rush into things when the deadline is near. Then they start to panic and worry, rushing their work in an unorganised manner.

The third type. First type people with the second type boss/superior. You are working your head off, and trying to get things done as soon as possible, while your boss is just don't care. You finished everything, waiting for him to go through, but he is too busy with cleaning up his office, and configuring the color of his Windows desktop because it doesn't look nice. The boss said we will be missing our deadline (because he has yet to review the documents) so everyone has to come to work on weekend. But when you come on weekend, the boss has yet to review the documents, thus you spend more time surfing the net aimlessly than doing the actual work. Once the boss has reviewed the document, you will have to complete the work by doing overtime for few days, while your boss is attending some 'appointments'.

When it is time to submit the work, your boss will be there in the presentation, dressing nicely and looking good, and said "I completed the work.....".

sigh....Good luck and all the best, Mami.