Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Water stuck in ear

I was reading a fellow blogger weblog, Que Sarah Sarah, when I check her profile out *wink wink*.

In her profile, she wrote a tip on how to get the water out when she has water stuck in her ear. "You cock your head to your side and you jump. Works alllll the time, trust me." She wrote. Well, that's exactly what I have been doing to clear my ear.

Some people use cotton bulb, others simply asked people's help to blow into their ears, and still others use toothpick to 'korek' (dig). But I jumped up-and-down in the bathroom to get the water out, with my head tilted one side, my ear touching the shoulder. And i tell you it is not easy. Imagine jumping like a monkey, with your head cocked to one side. Either you will get the water out or you will get a stiff neck.

Papi : *jump jump jump*

Mami : Papi, what are you doing in the bathroom?!

Papi : Nothing, Mami. *jump jump jump*

Mami : Are you exercising in there?

Papi : No. *jump jump jump*

When I told Mami about my method of jumping, she laughed. She has a more advance method. Fight fire with fire. Or in Mami's case, fight water with water.

Mami : You just pour some water into your ear lar.

Papi : Huh??

Mami : Yes, then you just tilt your head so that the water will flow out, clearing the stucked water as well. You try and see...

Papi : eeee.. I am not going to pour water into my ear....*jump jump jump*