Friday, July 09, 2004


Changing the diaper. One of the thing that men are not equipped to do. Like ironing the shirt, vacuuming the floor, shopping for 5 hours etc. You know, the ladies' thing.

Changing diaper require great skills of balance, strength, concentration, creativity and patience. There are two situations of when a baby requires a change of diaper. The first one, I call it the small change. This is the easiest one. It normally occurs when the disposible diaper is full or the baby needs a bath, so they need to change to a new clean diaper.

The second type is the difficult kind. The Big Change. The baby needs a Big Change because the baby has 'poo-poo'. If the baby decides to output the chocolate type (hard), then it is not so tough. But if the baby decides to have the stick-like-peanut-butter ones, the situation can get pretty messy.

yiyi : *standing still in her walker*

Papi : yiyi, what are you doing?

yiyi : *still standing still, and begining to make a certain body language*

Papi : O-oh. Mami! yiyi poo-poo.

Mami : OK. But can you handle it, I am in the middle of something.

Papi : ah? errr....ok.

yiyi : *giggle giggle, jumping in her walker, crashing her butt on to the seat*

Papi : ok, I can do thing at a problem.

First lie the baby down on a flat surface. Make sure it is not too windy or cold, because you will need to remove her clothings and she might catch a cold. Ensure that all the things you need are within your reach, but out of reach of the baby:
- clean diaper
- talcum powder
- rash cream
- warm water with a clean towel
- wet tissue paper (with aloe vera or something)
- soft toy (for the baby to play)
- clean baby cloths (just in case she got her hand in the sticky stuff)
- a SARS mask
- panadols (no, not for the baby, for you just in case you have a headache)

Carefully, take off her shorts/long pants. When removing her pants, make sure the poo-poo has not leaked out from her diaper and stained her pants. Flip her shirt up, so that her shirt is not getting in the way.

Put on the mask. This is to prevent the smell from knocking you out. Next is to remove her diapers. This is very important, and your full concentration is necessary. Carefully detach the sticky tapes of the diapers, hold both of her legs with one hand, and lift her butt slightly. Pull the diaper out with other hand, but careful not to get the poo-poo on hand. Continue lifting her butt, get the wet tissue paper, and wipe the poo-poo out from her butt. When done, take a clean tissue paper and wipe the poo-poo from fingers.

Again, lift her butt by holding on to her legs with one hand, wash her with the warm water, then slide a clean diaper under her butt. Put her down. At this point, the baby will tend to roll to the side, trying to grab anything she can, especially the used diaper. Make sure to put the used diaper as far as possible. This is when creativity comes into play. Distract her and try to make her stay put. Talk to her, use her soft toy, rattles whatever you can find to make her keep still. When she is still, apply rash cream and talcum powder on her as necessary. When completed, put on the diaper on the baby and put on her pants. We're done!

Papi : OK, Mami, we're done.

Mami : Good.

yiyi : *giggle*

Mami : Eh? why she look weird ah?? *check check* Aiya! The diaper you wear terbalik* already ah!!

Papi : ooppss!

Oh, ya. Remember, make sure the diaper is the correct side front. The smaller flap is for the front, the bigger flap is for the back.