Friday, July 09, 2004


For the past few days, there were so much work that we have to work overnight. Yesterday I went home at 5am, and came to work at 8.30am. Just 2 hours sleep, and i felt terrible when I woke up. Finished up the work for submission at 12pm, then headed back home straight away and crashed into my sofa in the living room to sleep (no energy to go to the bedroom). But I couldn't sleep, I always have problem sleeping whenever I am too tired.

Actually, I have no problem working till early morning, or even 24 hours, but I need to have something to do, something to work on. If I have to stay back in the office, and nothing to do, surfing the net aimlessly, waiting for other people to finish their work, then I get even more tired.

I remember back in 2002, there was one project that we were rushing. We sub-contract out one part of the project to a third party vendor. Just 1 week before the testing with the consultant, we found out that our vendor have not started a single work on their part. All that while they have been reporting to us on their progress was false and they lied to us. Their project leader screw-up. We were really mad, nasty letters were shot to their directors. But the damage has been done.

So, we went into contingecy mode, asked our vendor to come over to our office and do their work in our office, so we could monitor them. At the same time, we need to complete our work as well. So for a period of more than a month, we actually worked 7 days a week, and almost 24 hours a day. The only free time we had was to go back and have a quick bath and come back to the office to continue working. We also had quick naps between lunch time. At the end we managed to complete the work, and passed the test with the consultant.