Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Visitors from China

It seems like these few months we heard a lot from our friend (or relatives) in China.

3 months ago, a relative from China contacted us. He was my father's uncle's son. His cousin. Actually, they have been in close contact with us for quite some time. The relation is good. The uncle even came to Malaysia in 1994 to visit us.

But everytime they made a long distant call to Malaysia, the first thing that pops into our mind is "Do they want money?". And when they contacted us 3 months back, they asked for money. Money to rebuild the old family house in China. It is not that they are not well off, these people are rich people, that own lands and buildings. But they have a concept that since it is the family house, and we are part of the family, thus we need to contribute to the rebuilding of it.

Well it is not the first time they asked for money. The last time I remember was to build a stone tomb(??), with all our names (for the families in Malaysia and China) carved onto the stone tomb. It is to keep track of our generations, they say. When it was finished, they sent us a photo of the tomb.

Again, 1 month ago, a distant relative of my mother-in-law came here for a holiday. 3 of them. They stayed for almost a week.

Then last night. My mother got a call from a cousin from China she didn't know she has. She met with her uncle before, when she was small, but not his daughter. My mom was a bit kelam-kabut, didn't know what to do. Then she called his brother, my uncle. Arrangement was then made to visit the cousin at a hotel at 9pm. The cousin is here for holiday. So she just try to contact her relatives here in Malaysia and to catch up with things here.

So I guess we will be seeing more of them now.