Friday, July 09, 2004

Missing PapiMami

Both of us were quite tied up with our work for the past few days, so we didn't get to visit yiyi at my parent house. My parent is looking after her on the weekdays and we will bring her back to our home on weekends.

Normally we would reach my parent's home around 6-7pm after work. We would stay until 9-10pm before returning home. But for the past few days we didn't get to see her. And she missed us.

My parent told me that she cried and refused to sleep. She would look out the window whenever there was a car passed by. She would walk to the door and stared out, as if waiting for Papi and Mami to come back.

But yesterday we went to see her. She was so happy, smiling and giggling, jumping in her walker. And my father said he thought he saw tears swelling up in yiyi's eyes. Aww...

Tonight will be the night yiyi is going to come back with us. So Mami said she will cook a nice fish porridge for yiyi tomorrow.

We miss you too, yiyi.