Monday, July 12, 2004

Sunday Dinner

Promised Mami to bring her to a nice restaurant on Sunday, so we went to a restaurant in Subang Jaya, recommended by a contributor (Patrick) to Europa - TJ Haus restaurant, 19 SS 18/1B, Subang Jaya .

Mami wanted to bring yiyi along, but because it was her nap time (around 7-8pm), so we decided to leave her with my parent. Maybe, next time, yiyi.

Arrived there around 7.30pm. The restaurant is located on the second floor, with an indoor and outdoor dining area. We opted for indoor, because it looked hazy outside. I forgot my digicam so didn't managed to snap any pictures.

The restaurant is quite small, but with clever arrangement of tables, and a big mirror on the side wall, it doesn't feel crampy. We were seated by the waitress on a small table-for-two. The menu has not much choice. But when we done ordering, we found out that they have actually put up 2 signboards near the entrance to announce some new menu items. The waitress didn't point it out to us also. Aiya, what they should have done is to print on a A4 paper and hand it out together with the menu.

So we ordered 2 mushroom soups, garlic bread, Mami ordered an European style mango chicken with sesame noodle, I ordered the Madagaskar Ribeye Steak. But they got our order wrong, sigh. This is the thing I do not understand. Why can't they take our order properly and write it down properly. They got the steak right, but got the mango chicken wrong. They brought boiled beef instead. They exchanged it nevertheless but Mami couldn't stand the taste of mango chicken, so I ended up eating the chicken. The steak was nice and the mango chicken not bad either. I was feeling quite hungry so we ordered Calamari A La Mediterrance (squid), which was excellent!

We were so full that we didn't go for the dessert. When the bill came, it was cheap. 2 drinks, soups, 3 main course for RM75. And no taxes! No goverment tax and service tax. Excellent!

Papi : *burp* how's this place.

Mami : emm...nice, cheap some more, let's come again next month.

Papi : OK. Next month u belanja *rubbing tummy*