Friday, July 16, 2004

Insurance salesman

I have been getting a lot of calls from salesman these 2 months.  Everyone is trying to sell me something: insurance, networking, direct selling etc. 
But I am pissed off with two of them.  Both are selling insurance, and both have the same modus operandi.  Both of them got my contact from major corporations.  Both of them said I was one of the lucky people that was offered the fantastic plan. 
One of them got my contact from Standard Chartered Bank (SC).  I cannot believed that SC actually gave my contact to a third party without my consent.  I have a couple of credit cards with SC.  I am going to write a complaint letter to them and terminate my credit cards. 
Another one was from Genting Worldcard.  Again they gave my contact to a  third party without my consent.  They called my mobile phone.
Papi : Hello?
Agent : Mr Papi, you are one of the lucky person that was chosen from Genting Worldcard members to be eligible for this fantastic insurance PA plan and it's free.
Papi : OK. (I got a feeling I m not that lucky)
Agent : But you can increase the sum assured to RM500,000, with a fee of RM28 per month.  And you can also extend it to your family at RM40 per month.
Papi : If it is free, then it's fine with me, but if I have to pay, no, thanks.
Agent : But sir, blah blah blah...good plan....blah blah
Papi : No, thanks.
Agent : But sir, it is a good bargain.  with only RM28 per month you get half a million ringgit.  I am sure you can afford RM28. 
That really got me boiling.  But I kept my cool and rejected him. 
That's the problem with these people.  It is not like buying apam balik in pasar malam.  "Whoa! I got 6 apams for Rm1, a good bargain!!".  It is not a good bargain.  You lost a leg, you get half a million.  You lost an eye, you get half a million.  Do you really think that is a good bargain?  What a moron! 
Yes, I can afford RM28 a month.  I can still afford it if it is RM2800 but only if I REALLY need it.  It is not whether I can afford it or not.  It is about whether I need it or not. 
Insurance is about assurance.  You are assured that when something bad happen to you (touch wood), you and your family will be taken care of (financially).  Something to get you through the difficult time. 
Later I found out that the 'free' plan is not free after all.  WTH? Idiot!