Thursday, July 15, 2004

Cantonese Fried

Yesterday, Mami and Papi went to one of our favourite shop in Kelana Jaya, which is near our office. Restoran New Yew Sang, a corner shop opposite a plant nursery, near Giant hypermarket. It is one of those kopitiam with lots of individual stalls selling various kind of hawker food.

One of the best Cantonese Fried in town can be found here. 'Yin Yong' or Bee Hoon only. The Malay called it Mee KungFu. But you won't become Bruce Lee after you eat it. The stall also have fried lice rice, which is equally delicious.

Yin Yong

Yin Yong actually means two different/opposite things in Cantonese. Like yin and yang. In this case, Yin Yong refers to the beehoon (rice vermicelli) and koay tiau (flat rice noodle). The beehoon is fried till crispy, and the koay tiau (white in color) is fried with a bit of dark soy sauce for coloring. The starchy soup/gravy is cooked separately with prawns, pork and vege (choy sum) and egg(beated). I thnk the secret is in the soup. So tasty.

But the different with this stall is that although the gravy looks starchy and thick, it doesn't leave that starchy feeling (oily) after you eat it. I like my beehoon to be crunchy, so normally I would dig it out and leave it on top. The best is to eat with some cili merah potong (sliced red chili) in soy sauce. Yummy!!

Mami tried something new from this restaurant, Curry Chee Cheong Fun. Chee Cheung Fun is a type of flat rice noodle, rolled into a cylinder. 3 pieces of chee cheung fun, with some curry gravy and a couple of chicken bones meat. The taste quite OK, a bit spicy though.

Curry Chee Cheung Fun

Mami was in a eating mood, so we ordered a plate of char siew and roast pork. Lousy, no more next time.

It was supposed to be a great lunch, until we met those idiots in Waja. Cheh!