Monday, July 19, 2004

A big frog jumping on the road

A big frog jumping on the road.  A chinese saying meaning a good deal too good to be true.
I was shown by a good friend of mine on this so-and-so multi level marketing plan.  It promised returns in the thousand.   And virtually I can sleep, eat and do nothing for a month, and I will still find thousands of ringgit deposited into my account at the end of the month. 
Whoa! This is not a big frog.  This is Godzilla. 
So I need to invest so-and-so amount of money, then I need to recruit my 5 people - downline.  Then I will need to help them to recruit their downline.  Blah..blah...blah... Then at the end of the year I wil become a millionaire!!
Wah?! Really ah? So, one side of me was thinking:
" is workable.  I just recruit as many as I can, then I can sit back and enjoy, while my downline work for me.  I can buy cars, houses, jetplanes, a trip to Disneyland Florida, the list goes on and on....."
The other side of me was thinking:
"Better stay firmly on the ground.  There is no easy money.  You must work hard to earn a living.  You think become so easy become millionaire, like that where got poor people in this world."
But personally,  if it is so easy to make money, it will not be our turn (Mami's thinking).  There is no easy money in this world.  For me, I have to earn my money, or the fortune will not last long. 
So maybe it is not a big frog that I see, maybe it is a snake....