Friday, July 23, 2004

Baby's Name - part 2

My cousin brother (father side) becomes a father last week.  Congratulations!  His wife gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

So yesterday, we got to know the name of the baby.  Being on my father side of the family, they, too, have to follow the middle/generation name.  For the given name, they chose to go see a 'fung shui' master.  One who will calculate the auspicious date for weddings, dinners, special prayers and baby birth date.  Yes, my cousin did see him to get advise for an auspicious date for the baby to be born (which I think it's ridiculous).  So the master told him a certain date, then he went back to tell the obstetrician about the prefered date and all was set.  It was through C-Section of course.

So being superstitious and all (I didn't know he is superstitious, maybe it was family pressure), sure enough, they engaged the same fung shui master to find a name for their baby.  But they were told that the baby somehow 'clash' with the parents.  The baby is Wood and the parent is Fire, blah blah ...their birth dates do not match, all that fung shui mambo jambo.  Finally the master gave them 9 choices of given name for the baby.  Some sounded weird and funny, others are too difficult to write (in chinese).  Together with a pre-determined middle name, it makes it more difficult to ensure the combined name doesn't sound really funny and weird.  In the end, they settled for a name that, in my personal opinion, sounded a bit dull. 

I have always against getting advise from these 'fung shui masters', like choosing auspicious dates or finding a baby's name.  A good date is a date convenient to you and a date you are comfortable with.  Similarly, a good name is a name you are comfortable with, has a beautiful meaning, and a name that you think will be suitable for your baby.  But if you decide to go ahead with a fung shui master, then make sure you follow through.  Ever heard of a story about a king that learnt about the future, where he was told that his son will one day de-throne him?

It is our baby, we should be responsible for our baby, including finding a name for him/her.  It is our duty, it is a privilege.