Monday, July 26, 2004

Brain Itch

Have you ever woke up in the morning and suddenly you find a song playing in your mind, and you can't seems to get it off?  Normally, it was a song I have heard the day before, or even days before, but sometime the song just popped out of nowhere. 

This morning, it was FIR's Fly Away.  I think Mami is having her brain itch as well.  She was humming Power Station's song.  I guess I got mine from Astro Talent Quest 2004 on Saturday.  FIR was guest performer that evening, and they performed 2 songs.  The first one "Lydia" and the second one was "Fly Away".  Astro has been playing FIR song as promo as well, so I guess that's how it got into my head.  But I don't know the lyrics, only the tune. 

Speaking about FIR's performance last Saturday on ATQ2004, it was horrible.  The contestants sang better than her.  But later I learnt that she wasn't feeling well.  That's explains it. 

So songs that got stuck in our head is caused by cognitive itch aka brain itch.  So the only way the brain is going to scratch this itch is by playing a tune or a melody over and over again in our mind. 

Normally I would simply hum the tune along with the melody playing in my mind.  After a while, it would dissapears.