Monday, July 26, 2004


It was confirmed.  My bro-in-law is down with dengue.  Dengue haemorrhagic fever.  Denggi Berdarah. 

He was hospitalised on 19 July and still is today.  But they only confirmed it was dengue last Saturday. 

We went to visit him last Saturday.  His fever came on and off, his body ache, and he is feeling nauseatic.  His gum bled.  He looked very weak, and a few friends who visited him earlier said he was halucinating and speaking nonsence.  The hospital is giving him 4 packs of plasma per day.  And he is advised not to injure or hurt himself that might caused bleeding.  His platelets reading is so low that if he cut himself, he will bleed to death, because his blood will not be able to clot to stop the bleeding.

Red spots are dissapering from his arms and body and appearing on his legs.  The doc said it is infecting his lower body now. 

Hope he will recover real soon.