Monday, July 26, 2004

Apa lagi, Malaysian Idol lah

"Kalau nak nyanyi lagu Inggeris, kenalah nyanyi macam orang Inggeris, bukan macam orang Jawa".*

I was laughing so hard that Mami stormed out from the kitchen to check it out.  That was the comment given by Roslan Aziz to a contestant, AMANDA, when she sang an English song. 

Although she did sounded horrible, but it was a cruel comment.  I mean, do they normally criticised people, in their every day job, the way they did in Malaysian Idol?  Or are they just trying hard to be Simon Cowell.  And I found that the comments are getting more and more concentrated on fashion.  One guy looked like Elvis, the other one looked like Aunty.

And the contestants, together with the hosts, seems to be teaming up to bash on the judges.  When Paul commented to one contestant: "Malaysian Idol really wasted money by flying you in for this competition." (It was another unnecessary cruel comment), the host was comforting the contestant and fight back with "Don't worry, it was all worth it, it is more worth it than the money they spend on Paul's hair!".


One thing I don't understand though.  Why do they show the big, fat, blue hippo (the mascot of snoring at the end of the show? Is the show that boring?

* Translation: Malay meaning "If you want to sing an English song, make sure you sing it like an English person (loose translation), not like a Jawanese".