Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Gutsy girl

Last week, a salesgirl foiled a snatch theft by sitting on the thief.  A big-sized Wong Pei Fan gave chase when the suspect snatched a mobile phone from her shop.  She caught up with him and pounced on him, kicked him where-the-sun-don't-shine and held him down to the ground, by putting her weight on him.  And the man was armed at that time.  She was lucky the man couldn't reached for his weapon or it could be a different story. 

In The Star today:

Wong said she had a dislike for people who prey on those weaker than them, especially if the victims were women. 
“I go all out to stop them – with God’s gift to me, my big body,” said Wong, whose bravery was reported in The Star and other newspapers. 

You go, girl! Show 'em who's the boss!

But why do I feel this gutsy lady has become the butt of the joke.