Friday, July 30, 2004


The two men who tried to sell a handphone belonging to Pok Chua Wen, who was murdered on Wednesday together with her girlfriend, Pui Wan, has been arrested by the police. 

Via The Star:

Two men who tried to sell a handphone belonging to slain teenager Pok Chua Wen have been arrested after a shop assistant became suspicious of the “odd ownership” of the phone. 

What aroused the shop assistant’s suspicion was that while the two men were dark-skinned, the handphone’s directory contained many Chinese characters.  The two men had approached him at his workplace in Jalan Gurney here at about 11.30am and offered to sell the phone for RM300.  [snipped...]

“Then I noticed the two men behaving strangely, but before I could say a word, they left hurriedly, leaving the cellphone behind,” he said. 

“I dialled the house number and a man on the other line answered that the cellphone was stolen,” he said, adding that he told the man how two people had tried to sell him the cellphone moments ago. 

That man was Chong’s uncle, who then contacted Jempol MCA Youth chief Chong Wan Yu. 
Wan Yu said he was having a drink with his deputy, Wong Hien Sei, and two policemen when he received the call. 

“I immediately passed on the information to the police and together we rushed to the shop. 

"Luck was on our side as a policeman spotted the two and trailed them back to their house,” he said.  A team led by Chief Insp Yong Soun Lian went to the wooden house in Kampung Indah, near here, at about 1.30pm and arrested the suspects, in their 20s, after a brief struggle. 

The same story reported by China Press said that the two denied having anything to do with the double murder.  They claimed that the handphone was given to them by another person for them to sell.

Well, let the police do their job, and we shall find out. 

May Chua Wen and Pui Wan rest in peace.

Updated 4.01 pm:
As reported by Malay Mail Online edition, 3 men went to the cell phone shop to try to sell the phone.  The cell phone shop operator, who is related to the family, became suspicious when he saw the cell phone greeting message "Pui Wan, I love you..." when turning on the phone. 

He then alerted the police who arrived just in time to arrest 2 suspects.  The third one escaped. 

I heard there is another version reported in the chinese press.  However, whichever version is correct, let's hope the police can quickly solve this case and bring the murderer(s) to justice.