Thursday, July 29, 2004

Blur Sotong No. 2

It was my brother (I guess there is one in every home.  Sorry bro..he he he) . 

Bro : Mom, I'm going to the shops, you want to get something?

Mom : err...can you get a pack of longan? (It's the longan season now)

Bro : OK.

Few hours later...

Bro : Here you go, mom.

Mom : *dumbfounded* Ha! Ha! Ha!  WTF? I asked you get some fresh longan lar! Why you go and buy the dried longan?!


Info: Dried longans are normally used in boiling 'tong sui' aka dessert drink aka Air Mata Kuching (Malay loosely translated as Cat's Eye Drink he he he...).  One of my favourite stall is the famous one in Jalan Petaling.