Thursday, July 29, 2004

Blur Sotong No. 1

Blur sotong means someone who is blur/clueless of their surrounding and couldn't get what people says to them.  But why it is associated with the sotong (Malay meaning squid), I have no idea.

A couple of days before Chinese New Year 2004 (true story):

Son : Mom, we just came back from shopping and the 'kam' are damn cheap!

Mom : Really? Since CNY is around the corner, go get some more lar. 

Son : OK, mom.

Next day.....

Son : Look, mom.  Look at all this 'kam' you asked me to buy!  Nice or not?

Mom : What?! What is this? *dumbfounded*

Son : 'Kam' lar.  Look at this necklace.  Look at this chain!

Mom : Aiya!! I asked you to buy kam! Mandarin orange! For CNY lar. Not buy gold!

Not me ah, someone I know.

Note: 'Kam' Cantonese meaning gold, normally referring to gold jewellery.  It also has the same pronounciation with mandarin oranges, a must-have for Chinese during the Chinese Lunar New Year.