Monday, August 02, 2004

Sick people

I am not sure whether it was reported in the English/Malay newspaper, but this was on ChinaPress Online dated 1 Aug 2004. (Actually I'm a banana, so Mami read it to me :) )

A chinese woman (age 34) who is mentally ill was raped, and abused, both sexually and physically, for the 8 years she was staying in this private mental institution in Cheras, KL. Almost everyday, she was raped, sometime gang rape, and sexually attacked, up to 5 times a day.

She was a bright student in a higher learning institution until she had problems in her relationship with a guy. After he left her, she started to have problems. Her family decided to send her to this institution to take care of her for RM600 per month.

Then the attacks begin.

Initially, she did complaint to her family but being mentally-ill, her family didn't pay much attention (cheh!) to her. The attacks continue. Then recently (after 8 years), her family sensing something was not right, sent her for medial checkups. The doctor who examined her, confirmed she was raped, abused and sodomised. A police report was lodged.

Investigation revealed that she was not the only one. Others in the same institution suffered the same torture and agony. But her mental illness is making investigation difficult and catching the culprits more difficult.

Whether it was the doing of an insider or an outsider, it is sick. What's wrong with these people?! As if she was not sufferring enough from her illness, these people has to bring such torment and misery to this poor woman. Let hope the police do their work and bring these animals to justice.

It actually reminds me of Kill Bill Vol. 1, where the Bride was in coma and she was raped by the hospital assistant and then by another sicko who paid the hospital assistant for the 'service'. I am sure it does happen in Malaysia and this is not the only case. It could happen to hospitals, and private institutions. So if someone in your care complaint of abuse, please do take action.