Monday, August 02, 2004

My first visit to StarBucks

We have never been to any StarBucks before. Never. Coffee was never our cup of ...err...tea.

But last week, one of my friend arrange for a get-together-cum-business-briefing session at StarBucks Pyramid.

Friend : Want to come out for 'yam cha' tomorrow?

Papi : Sure..what time?

Friend : About 8pm?

Papi : OK.

So we were all set. As it was 8pm, we guessed that we could have dinner with our friend as well. So we went with there with empty stomach. Big mistake!

We arrived there early, window-shopping. Around 8pm, we made our way to StarBucks, and sure enough, our friend was already there, waving at us. After a brief hello-how-are-you-doing, I proceed to the counter to order some beverages and maybe some food (I was starving). Our friend had had his dinner at 6pm *sighs*. He really meant 'yam cha' only. (I mean who had dinner at 6pm? Ohh grandmother does).

The queue was long (almost reach Great Wall of China, well almost), and there were only two jokers manning the counter, and another chief joker running around checking stuff.

At the counter, there were only cakes, but I noticed a tag saying "Chicken Pie".

Papi : OK, I'll have a hot choc, iced choc, an ebony ivory cheese cake and a chicken pie.

Joker 1 : OK. *punch punch on the cash machine and then mumbled something with a fake american accent*

Papi : Huh? What?

Joker 1 : Isthatall, sirr? *louder but still with fake american accent, and trying to look cool*

Papi : Yes.

After paying, I proceeded to the counter where they will serve your order and waited. And waited. And waited. And the crowd was getting larger and larger, and joker no.2, who was preparing the drinks, was taking his own sweet time preparing it, trying to look extra cool. At one point, I thought he was actually dancing! Hey! Alright already, where is my f***ing hot choc?! And yes, they missed my hot choc!

I kinda figure out how they operates. The cashier will take orders from the customer, then he will stick a piece of paper, with a description of the drink' on a cup/glass/mug. Sometime they will write it on the plastic cup with a marker pen. The 'drink maker' will then make the drink based on this piece of paper.

Joker 2 : Sir, you are waiting for...? *coolness was ooozing out of his ear*

Papi : Hot choc.

Joker 2 : OK. How about you? *doing a Justin's turn and ask another customer*

Few minutes later (after a few fling with a couple of hot chicks and some staff who just reported to work) .....

Joker 2 : Sir, can I help you sir?

Papi : *WTF?* My hot choc.

Joker 2 : Ohh....Hey where is the hot choc? *asking joker 1, looking for the empty mug with the paper on it*

Joker 1 : Hey, I put it here. I gave it to you...

Joker 2 : Did not.

Joker 1 : Did to.

Joker 2 : Did not.

Joker 1 : Did to. neh neh neh neh neh.....

Papi : *sigh*...

Finally, I did get my hot choc, but not my chicken pie. Apparently the chicken pie had finished and someone forgot to remove the tag from the display counter. My guess...joker no. 1.

So Mami and I had a cheese cake for our dinner *tsk tsk*, and when we bidded "Ta ta!" to our friend, we were hungry as hell....

Papi : Aneh!! Roti banjir dua, teh kurang manis, milo ais. Kasi sambal lebih ah.

Aneh : Wokay boss!