Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Sex in Kancil

Another Malaysia Boleh record : Having sex in the most cram and tightest space.

It was in The Star today:

PENANG: She was having sex with her partner in the back of her Kanchil when she was rudely interrupted.
Back of the Kancil? What position ah?
Two men were approaching her car, which was parked outside an abandoned factory in Bukit Tengah at 5.15am on Saturday.

On seeing them, the 20 year-old woman, jumped from the back seat into the driver’s seat and sped off - still naked. She did not realise, however, that a motorcycle was parked in front of her car.

She rammed into it. The machine became lodged to the front of her car but she continued driving with it for several miles.

The intruders, as it turned out, were two policemen doing their rounds. They had seen the vehicle shaking quite vigorously and decided to investigate, parking their motorcycle in front of the car.
They later found their motorcycle 6km from the scene. [snipped..]

In a report where Italy bans having sex in the back seat, an Italian shares with us why he did it in the back seat of a car. Luciano di Crescenzio said to BBC news:

... he had never been able to afford to make love anywhere except in a tiny Fiat Cinquecento until he was 30.

He said it had been extremely uncomfortable as his legs always stuck out of the window.