Wednesday, August 11, 2004


One day in the land of 3K, while driving back home...

Mami : Eh? here in 3K, where got kangaroo lar?

Papi : Huh?

Mami : You see...*point in front*

"kangaroo next 14 km"

Papi : Ha ha ha... yalar, that one they went to Australia and buy one lar. Then they want to tell everyone they went to Australia lor..

Mami : he he he ....

Papi : Or maybe some brother's girlfriend's mother's maid's sister's son went to Australia and bought them this souvenier lor...

Mami : Eh? like that I want to get some cincaluk botol and hang on our car.

Papi : Huh?

Mami : yalar, we went to Melaka mah...

Papi : *pengsan*