Thursday, August 05, 2004


It must be ages since Mami and I went shopping. We went to 1 Utama to shop for some cloths and stuff, yesterday. Yeah, yeah, we got 'saman' (red one) this weekend.

So we went to our favourite shopping centre, 1 Utama. We went to JJ, walked around, window shopping, check out some chicks cloths. Then we went to TGIF for dinner.

Everyone knows that if you have your birthday in TGIF, the crew will come and sing you a couple of Happy Birthday songs, cut the cakes, joke around like monkeys. There were 2 birthday partys last night. So it was quite noisy. No, not because of the kids at the party running around, screaming at the top of their lungs. But because of the horrible singing. OMG. It was awful. The kid, 2 tables from us, was scared shitless when the horrible singing starts. She was clutching to her dad's shirt, with tears swelling in her eyes, refusing to look at the Malaysian Idol wannabe. If Simon Cowell was there, he would have vomitted blood and drop dead right on his Buffalo Wings.

Mami had the buffalo beef rib, I had "World Most Famous Burger". Yeah, world famous but not tasty. We left around 10pm and proceeded to our carpark. We went up to the 2nd floor through the escalator near Reject Shop. And we got shocked. What the hell happen to TGV? Ha ha ha it must have million years since we last visited 1U.

Papi : Where is TGV? What happen?

Mami : Don't know..he he he

Papi : Oh, they just shifted their ticket counter. There....u see.

Mami : Ya, long time never come here already.

Papi : What was the last movie we saw in the cinema?

Mami : Errr....Lord of the Rings?

Papi : Wah! That was like 300 years ago.... I think we have to come out more

It's true, since Yiyi was born, we seldom have a chance to come out and enjoy ourselves. Everything has changed. Everything revolves around our baby.

But last night, we had some time together. We had some fun and we had a great time. ;)

Note : Saman (Malay meaning a ticket issued by an law enforcement for breaking the law, often traffic violations. Also loosely means a wedding invitation where you are normally obliged to give gifts in the form of angpow - red packet money)