Monday, August 16, 2004

Not another Nuri..

What?! Again?! A Royal Malaysian Air Force Nuri Helicopter has gone missing after taking off from Miri Airport in Sabah Sarawak. The destiny of the 10 on board is still unknown. This must be the ten millionth occurence of a Nuri dissaperance. I thought all the Nuri has already crashed in the jungle in Sabah Sarawak. So I guess RMAF must have a gazillions of Nuri with them.

Let's pray that all on-board survive this tragedy, and the rescuer got to them as soon as possible.

Update: The ten have been found. They managed to make radio contact with RMAF base and effort is now underway to get them out of the jungle.

Update 2: Only seven survived the crash. The three who died include the pilot, co-pilot and another soldier. My deepest sympathy and condolene to the families of those who died in the crash.