Monday, August 23, 2004

Pop quiz

1. You and your boss has just finished a meeting at a customer place in KL and was travelling back to the office. Upon reaching the office, at the car park floor, your boss parked his car and suddenly realised that he had left his close-to-10K new laptop in the meeting room. Do you...
A] Simply smile at him, showing that you are concerned
B] Understand that he is a busy and stress man, so forgeting things is a norm.
C] Tell him to just jump down from 4th floor of the car park building, head first.

2. So now your boss has realised that his laptop was left at the meeting room. What did he do?
A] Tell you to go back to the office first, he will pick it up himself.
B] Call and ask the customer to keep the laptop for him, so he could pick it up later in the day.
C] Beg you to come along with him and accompany him to get his laptop at the customer's place, leaving a whole load of work at your desk for this very important trip.

3. So after much begging, you finally followed him to get his laptop. When you and your boss arrived at the customer place, your boss....
A] Tells you to stay in the car and he will go get the laptop.
B] Tells you to come with him to get his laptop before going for tea.
C] Tells you to go get the laptop and be ridiculed by the customer, while he relax in his car.

Answer: [ 1. A (no, not C, unfortunately) 2. C 3. C] highlight the space between [ ]

BTW, that's Mami's boss.