Monday, August 23, 2004

First fall

Last Saturday Yiyi had her first accident/fall. :(

We didn't know how it happened, and it happened so fast. Yiyi was playing and running around in her walker. Mami was taking care of her while I was doing the dishes in the kitchen.

I asked Mami to shower first, and I would look after Yiyi after I finished cleaning up. So she brought Yiyi to the kitchen, so I could keep an eye on her. It is actually safe in the kitchen. We have put everything that can be of danger to Yiyi out of reach. She have been in the kitchen numerous times, no problem at all.

Once Yiyi was in the kitchen, Mami went to get some stuff in the living room. I was still cleaning up at the kitchen sink. Then suddenly "Bum! Thud!". I quickly turned towards the sound behind me. And I heard Mami screaming from the living room. Both of us rushed to Yiyi.

Her walker had toppled, lying on its side, with Yiyi still in it. Her head had knocked onto the concrete floor, her body twisted by the walker, with her legs in the air. And she was crying!!

She was crying, which is a sign she is still responsive and conscious. We picked her up slowly, and Mami quickly hold her in her trembling arms. I can see Mami's tears building up in her eyes.

Yiyi was still crying, loudly. We tried to calm her down with every tricks we know. The teddy bear, the rubber ducky, TV advertisements, the ceiling fan.... everything that we know that would draw her interest. When she finally calmed down, I checked her for physical injuries. With Mami still holding her, and Yiyi sobbing, I checked her forehead. Her right forehead was blue-black-ish, beginning to swell. "Buah Duku" Mami said. Then I checked her arms and legs, body and neck for any injuries. By lightly pressing her arms, legs and body, and if she responded by crying or any signs that she is in pain, then she is injured. Luckily she is fine.

My brother dropped by my house 10 minutes after that, and Yiyi was laughing when she saw him. Jumping and kicking in Mami's arm. Another good sign. We then put her to sleep, while watching for any signs of nauseatic or vomitting. When she woke up, we put a warm towel over her swollen forehead to subdue the swelling.

Later we found out that it was a piece of cloth/floor mat that was stuck under the walker that caused the walker to topple. I think that she was travelling to fast in her walker. The floor mat got trapped under the wheel and because the weight is heavier on top (her body and her head), the walker, with Yiyi in it, just toppled.

Being in this kind of situation it is important to remain calm. Carefully remove the child from the accident area and away from danger. Try to calm her down and don't let the child get into shock. Talk to the child, calm her down. Check for any injuries, arms, legs, body, neck, back. If bleeding, try to stop the bleeding and goto the nearest hospital. Also watch out for any sign of head injuries such as vomitting and feeling nauseatic and giddiness. And always have a first aid kit at home. You never know when you need it.