Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Hmmm...let's do a bit of a test here.

U see, Mami department is currently working on a tender. They received it on last Friday, 20 August. The due date is 12 Sept, which is a Sunday, and they have to submit the document to the client somewhere in Europe. Since it's a Sunday, the document has to reach there by Friday 10 Sept.

During the kickoff meeting, Mami's boss mentioned that they need to check the courier services to submit the document to Europe, especially how long does it take to deliver the document to the client. The courier service came back and says that the document has to be passed to them by 7 Sept and will reach 10 Sept. So far so good.

Also in the meeting, the same boss also hinted "OK, if we couldn't make it on time, then someone will have to fly there to submit the document." *wink wink*

Now the team is working their heads off to meet the deadline, and according to Mami, they could easily meet the deadline. But among the team, there is a 'story' going on. What they feel is that the boss is trying to make things difficult, and trying to delay the work. 5-6 quotations were requested by the boss, instead of the normal 2-3. Everything has to be triple check. There is always something wrong somewhere in the writeup. And the boss is not really putting effort into the work (as always).

So, let's see how it goes and how it will turn up.
A] The work is completed on time (with some late nights, of course) and submitted to the client on time.

B] The work could not be completed on time and someone has to fly to Europe to submit the document to the client. This someone would probably stayed a week or more for 'site survey' and 'marketing trip'.