Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Last Monday, while we were travelling home to 3K land, I decided to follow the toll-free route which is much closer compared to my normal toll route. Suddenly out of nowhere, a convoy of big bikes appeared with their engine revving, honking like nobody business. In front, was a police outrider, clearing the road for them. It was for some Merdeka celebration. And it was chaos.

It was around 6pm, and it is when 3K land has the most traffic (3K land is also well known as a big toll-free intersection between Federal Highway, Kesas, LDP, and Elite). Cars everywhere was trying to squeeze themselves in every inches available to avoid this convoy. And these big bikers (there must be hundreds of them) are not being considerate either. They simply zig-zag between cars, dangerously, along this already packed road.

There was one big-fat not-so-bright biker stopped his stoopid bike in front of an Unser to block the car, so that other bikes can pass thru. But what he didn't realise was that behind this Unser was a police car and an ambulance (sirens blazing) that was supposed to accompany them. So they got stuck as well.

What I don't understand is who is the person so smart that he/she arranged the convoy to start at that hour. Everyone knows at that hour it's after-office hours and everyone is trying to get home and the traffic is horrendous, anywhere in Klang Valley, especially 3K. And it was not even 31 August. In the end, I got stuck in the jam and reached home an hour later. Cheh!!