Friday, August 27, 2004

Ant Attack Part 2

My house looks like a war zone and stinks! We have poured insecticide and emptied cans of mortein into the store room. We dare not enter the room now because it stinks and poisonous too.

But it was a mistake. From what mdmafia told us, we should have done nothing and wait for the pest control expert to eveluate the damage and to find a way to kill the colony, especially the queen. Wow! Sounds like a chapter from the Aliens (Alien Part 2).

So by putting insecticide, now the termites has abandon their stations and gone underground. So now there's no way we could find out where the colony is. *sigh*

Anyway, I will engage pest control service, and hopefully they could do something about it. There is a new system, which according to them is very effective (of course it is effective, they are selling it, and not to mention expensive as well). Let's see how lor...