Monday, August 30, 2004


It was like the entire Malaysian (and elsewhere as well) blog community is having this baby. Over the past few weeks we have been left on the edge of our seat, the anticipation, the nail biting and all, following the development of James and Mae, and most important Baby Jesse. And the big question on everyone's mind, "When will the baby arrive?"

Then on August 26, 2004, James declared "It's Now!" (yeah, James has still the time to blog at 4.30am). Everyone got excited! It was the time everyone was waiting for. Every now and then we will check out the website for an updates. Mami must have clicked on LoopyMeals like a hundred times, just to find out how's the father, mother and, of course, the baby is doing.

We are taking this to congratulate James and Mae on their new baby boy, Jesse, and also becoming new parents themselves. All the best!!

Here's a champagne for both of you!! *opening an imaginary champagne* ha ha ha like you said, it's the thots that counts!