Monday, September 06, 2004

Same birthday

What is the probability of you meeting another person that has the same birth date as you. I mean the same year, same month, and the same day. How about the same hour?

Last Sunday we (my mom and dad, Mami, Yiyi and me) went to my cousin's baby full-month gathering. It was at her in-laws house, in an ulu place in Cheras. As my father puts it "kau coke sap sam wan" Cantonese meaning "9 bents 13 corners". So after 9 bents and 13 corners later, we arrived at the house, people already started eating. yeah, we were late coz of my 'house-cleaning' Sunday! *sigh*

So we went in, said our "Hi, Hello, How are you?". Then I went straight to the buffet table. Hungry mah. There were a lot of people there, not to mention babies too. So there was this couple who came with their baby and their parents. Soon, Mami and the couple had their "mother to mother" talk.

Mami : Hello baby.... wah so pretty.

Young Mother : Hello, he he he...wah your baby also so cute...

Mami : How old is your baby?

Young Mother : 11 months already.

Mami : Really? Mine also 11 months. Which month?

Young Mother : October. October 5.

Mami : Eh? October 5? Same as mine also... *turn to call Papi* eh Papi, this baby also Oct 5. Same birthday leh...

Papi : *chewing chicken meat in mouth and putting down drumstick* mmm...mmm... huh? same date ah? eh, so ngam one. (ngam loosely translated as a coincidence)

My Dad : Eh? really ah? same date ah?

My Mom : Wah. Same date ah? Got 4D ah? 1005 lar...must buy!

Soon all our converstation resolves around Yiyi's and the other baby's (her name's PK) birthdate. The young mother even 'belanja' Yiyi a baby biscuit, of which Yiyi finished it in a snap! Aiya, Yiyi so kan-cheong like that...he he he...

But when two babies got together, people will start comparing.
"The baby looks like a boy lar". She's a baby girl.
"Yiyi more active".
"If the girl's nose give to Yiyi, then Yiyi is more beautiful".
"See...see...put them together, see who is taller..."

Ha ha ha ... You got the picture.

Anyway, it was very unsual to find someone with the same birthdate. I should have ask for a contact from the couples. Maybe Yiyi and PK could be friends.