Wednesday, September 15, 2004

That was fast ! !

Finally!. The air conds at the Tenku Ampuan Rahimah hospital have been fixed. Now the patients, doctors, nurses and staff can stay and work comfortably, and hopefully no more surgical operations have to be postponed.

So now we know, what it takes to get things done. Get the media to cover it and make a headline out of it. Then get a politician or two to 'inspect' the problem. Walah!! Repair works was done round the clock 24-hours. Rm90,000 was immediately approved to purchase split airconds. Another RM 13mil is on the way. Talking about efficiency!!

But a statement from one of the doctors really got to me:
From The Star
“The hot environment makes us angry fast and I sometimes tend to take it out on my patients unintentionally. It is so unfair to them, I know, but they also scold us back because they are feeling the heat as well,” said the doctor.