Thursday, September 16, 2004

Kau Tim Liao!

Yes!! It took me almost 1 and half hours to 'DIY' the cabinet with no manual whatsoever.

And I was right, I have to 'attack it from a different angle'. The day before yesterday, I started to build the middle part first, starting from the top, leaving both side panels for last. When I finished assembling the middle part, problem started when I tried to assemble the side panels. You see, there is no screws to hold the middle part together, just a couple of small wooden pegs (about 3cm long) that loosely hold the thing together. So when I tried to put in the side panel and tried to push it in, the whole thing shifted.

So yesterday, I started from the top-right corner. I disassembled the whole thing, start buiding it again. Still the small wooden pegs were giving me headache. Aiya, why don't they make it longer, so it could hold the middle panels in its position. A little nudge is all you need to toppled the whole thing. So I was very very careful. The small, crampy, little store room is not helping either, not to mention stuffy.

But in the end I did it. YES! I did it! *bowing - clap clap clap*
So now, no more excuse of no places to put my 'rubbish' in the store room....

man! my whole body is aching!!

kau tim liao : A combination of Cantonese/Hokkien meaning work done.